Who We Are?

We are The Camden's

We are transplants to the Central Arizona desert from Southern California!

Our transition occurred as a result of a temporary transfer, which became permanent and was accompanied by a promotion. 

If we were going to set down roots permanently, we needed to stop renting and buy our own little piece of paradise.  Something we could make our own. 

Here is where our journey begins!

Growing Up

Though we grew up in “The OC”, we both had parents that came from rural upbringings.

Needless to say, there were vegetable gardens and fruit trees in both of our backyards.  I don’t think we realized what a luxury it was to go out back and grab a snack or pick something to serve with dinner.  It was just second nature.  Something that was always there.  Being in Southern California, vegetables grew all year long.  

our First Home Together

Shortly after getting married and starting a family, we moved out of the apartment and into a house!

The house had an in-ground pool that needed repair which was not in the plan. Instead, we filled it in and planted a garden!  Several of our neighbors also had gardens and we were able to come together and alternate plantings.  Someone would plant early season varieties, and another would plant mid or late season varieties.  Planting times were spaced so the growing season was almost non-stop.  There was no shortage of fresh vegetables on our block!

What A Team!

Together, we make a good team. An amazing blend of opposite thought processes and skill sets.  He is the voice of reason to her scatterred creativeness.  She has the vision and he has the ability to help make them reality.  There is always a process of taking the ideas, tumbling them in a cement mixer for a while (sometimes a great while), putting the plan on paper (what we call paper dolls…it is much easier to move things on paper than to lay 100 retaining wall stones and decide one doesn’t like it that way), stake things out, then look at it for a bit.  We do a bit of ‘window shopping’ to see what the vision will cost and determine if we need to re-engineer the plan.  Then the hard work begins.  This is one of his strong points as well!  The work is shared, as are the spoils of our labors. 

We couldn’t do it without each other!